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Charcoal briquettes are solid fuels that contain carbon, have a high calorific value, and can burn for a long time. Briquettes are made by pressing and drying a mixture of ingredients into hard blocks.


Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is sugar made from coconut sap. To make coconut sugar, the coconut sap is filtered first, then brought to a boil. Coconut sugar cannot be substituted for any other sugar in a recipe, as it has a unique aroma, minerals, and taste.

Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal is charcoal made from coconut shell. Utilization of coconut shell charcoal is quite strategic as a business sector. This is because people rarely use coconut shells. Besides being used directly, coconut shells can be used as the basic material for charcoal briquettes.

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we are a company engaged in the supply of coconut derivative products and other natural products, including coconut shell charcoal, briquette, and coconut sugar. we are ready to provide these products in large quantities and the best quality.



Looking at future prospect and increasing demand for both local and
international market, we will always strive to improve our standard,
efficiency, and quality to deliver the best product to our customers.



Together we achieve sustainable prosperity, through commitment and consistency to useful values.


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Payment Method

T/T in advance with down payment

In the international trade business, before the shipper delivers the goods, Those who pay 100% of the purchase price are called TT in advance. This payment method is the safest trade method in international trade for the seller. The seller does not need to bear any risk; as long as the money is received, it will be shipped, and if the money is not received, it will not be shipped.

L/C usance acceptance

A Usance or a Deferred Letter of Credit; means that even after the buyer has received the goods or services the buyer gets a grace period to do the payment to the financial institution or the bank i.e 30, 60, 90 or more days as per agreed during the process.

100% L/C irrevocable at sght

It is a document that verifies the payment of goods or services. In this case, the payment is done once the Sight Letter of Credit is presented along with the necessary documents. This type of Letter of Credit is payable to the beneficiary once the required documents backing the letter are presented to the financial institution.